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Cancellation Policy

All Light Connection conducts business on a scheduled appointment basis.

When cancelling an appointment, we require all customers to provide MORE than 48 hours notice to the scheduled time. Otherwise, we will charge customers for the full session.

We will provide a one-time cancellation fee waiver, where customers can cancel a session in less than 48 hours, at no additional charge. Alternatively, we will offer one free appointment upon rescheduling. The free session will need to be scheduled within 14 days of the cancellation. This session will have been paid at the outset of making the original appointment.

If the client is more than 15 minutes late the appointment will be considered cancelled and the customer will be charged for the full session.

If ALC cancels outside or inside of the cancellation window, we will waive 100% off the rescheduled appointment price. 

Also, we understand that extenuating circumstances happen such as severe illness, death of a family or pet, auto accidents, etc. In this case, we would reschedule the appointment at 50% charge.

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