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All Light Connection

About All Light Connection

All Light Connection supports women navigate through transformations to create lives that are meaningful, fun, passion-filled and purposeful.

All Light Connection Method

Take Responsibility & Action

At All Light Connections we start with understanding you, your interests and willingness to move forward. Do you have any resistance? Are you ready? We will remove any resistance and assist your readiness.

Participate in Your Healing

We work with you by using a unique energetic healing meditation to give you awareness and understanding about what you believe and how you make decisions. This is key to change and manifesting.

Create your Future

In order to create your future, we guide you in understanding how to easily move forward and to create the life of your dreams. All Light Connections will prepare you by supporting your growth and your actions.

Rose Falgout with All Light Connections
I have been on the Spiritual Path for most of my life... Then my life took a 360 degree turn in 2002 with eye opening revelations in fast succession. With that dramatic change, LIFE really got my attention! I have continued on the Spiritual Path studying various teachers, healers and scholars, meditating using different techniques, spent and still spend a lot of time in the quiet. My whole world changed and I'd like to help you find the same... where you are living ALIVE, present and playing in life.

The ThetaHealing Technique offers a meditation technique for healing and change. I have found this technique to be very useful for change to easily expand any area of life for a feeling of freedom, fun and most important love.

I want this for my clients so I create a supportive environment to allow changes to take place. Contact us to begin your TRANSFORMATION!

ThetaHealing© Certified Practitioner with additional completed courses.

Let's Play!

Rose Falgout

Meet our Founder and Energetic Healer who is invested in your growth and trained in assisting you with making big changes, easily and quickly so you can move forward and live your Best LIFE.

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